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Desarrollador GravityBit LLC

Nerdarchy is a play-tested calculator for all your dice rolling needs. Let an app handle all the math and modifiers in your roll, so you can get lost in the fantasy. We have also removed the need to chase your little brother around the table because of a few too many “Natural D20’s”. We have you covered with a complete history of all your rolls and how you got them! We flag if you had advantage or disadvantage as well as track all your max and mins. We also feature an amazing macro system. Will you be rolling D10+1 for your attack until your next level? If so, set that as a macro so you only need to hit one key for an attack roll. Do you frequently have to heal some companion for 2D10+3? Set that as a macro too! You can set up to 8 macros as complex or as simple as you want. We have a lot of fun things in the works as we continue to play-test. So be sure to impress your GameMaster at your next session with the Nerdarchy app.. PS bring your GM Snacks!